Sports play an important role in shaping up the personality and fitness of a students and to give a truly global experience to all the students living in Khandoli Institute of Technology, a sports environment matching global standards is provided to them at the campus. it is important that there is a wide variety of sports facilities to keep students engaged and physically fit. The college seeks to expand in the coming years and provide support to every individual to pursue the sport of his/her choice. Sports participation is a vital aspect for all ages and a powerful medium of interaction with other institutions. Institute has play courts for several games like Badminton, Cricket, Volleyball etc, for both boys and Girls. The College has conducted many sports events inside the campus and many of our students have participated in Zonal and State level competitions and won several prizes in various sports events. The College has playground with sophisticated playing equipments for the benefit of the students. The college conducts sports meet regularly and awards prizes for the winners. The college has exclusive sports personnel for the benefit of the students to train them in various sports activities. Keeping in view the importance of sports in today’s scientific era and its vitality in the shaping of individual’s personality and health and fitness, the Institute lays considerable emphasis on students participation in various games, sports and track and field activities. The spacious grounds of the institute are laid out into playfields for Cricket, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis and Badminton etc. Facilities have also been provided for Yoga, Weightlifting, Wrestling and Kabaddi.

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