KIT always believes in developing the next generation of leadership for organisations, communities and society at large. Therefore Vivekanand Educational & Charitable Trust is established with the contributions of Management and staff of Khandoli Institute of Technology for the purpose of providing three type of Scholarship namely 1. Govind Mandal Merit Scholarship for Meritorious Student. 2. Ritlal Prasad Mandal Scholarship for Economically Backward families 3. Chhakni Maatritva Scholarship for Girils Students. It provides financial support to the Meritorious, children of Economically Backward families as well as Girls Students to pursue quality technical education in Khandoli Institute of Technology.

Govind Mandal Merit Scholarship:
Applications are considered according to the following selection criteria:-
  1. 100% scholarship for branches topper student for that particular academic year.
  2. If any student become state topper at least once driving his/her academic session, will get return back money in the next foundation day of the Institute.
  3. Easy scholarship sanctioning process.
Ritlal Prasad Mandal Scholarship:
Applications are considered according to the following selection criteria :-
  1. Each applicant must fulfil the citizenship and residency of Jharkhand. (issued not below the rank of SDO)
  2. Minimum age limit for civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering is 14 years.
  3. Minimum age limit for mining engineering is 17 years.
  4. This scheme offers scholarships for the economically weaker students to pursue technical courses after matriculation. (Based on Investigation team)
  5. Grab minimum 70% marks in matriculation/minimum 70% marks in Matriculation with 60% marks in Intermediate. Candidates application is first considered by a member of Board of Governors or panel of selection committee with expertise constituted by board of governors of Khandoli Institute of Technology.
Chhakni Maatritva Scholarship:
50% scholarship in Tuition fees for female students under
BetiBachao, BetiPadhao.
Applications are considered according to the following selection criteria:-
  1. Each applicant must fulfil the citizenship.
  2. Minimum age limit is 14 years.

  • Top class education scholarship for SC&ST students (Central Scholarship).
  • General scholarship for OBC students.
  • Scholarship for SC&ST students from state Govt.
  • Scholarship from Higher Education Department for meritorious students (Girls).
  • Scholarship from Higher Education (Merit Cum means scholarship).
For more information,please contact: +91 9199012448 or email:
Loan Facility
Those who aspire to be a part of KIT can avail themselves of full educational loans through select banks with which KIT has created links. They are: SBI, Bank of India, Vijay Bank, Andhra Bank, United Bank of India, Canada Bank and Indian Overseas Bank. Beside that most Banks in the country offer attractive education loans for students.

* Loan is subject to terms and conditions solely at the discretion of the bank.

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