The Khandoli Institute of Technology Alumni Association (KITAA) maintains and enhances a highly engaged, vibrant community of alumni and friends all over world. Its regular members include recipients of degrees from the Khandoli Institute of Technology and all the Faculty Members. The purpose of the Khandoli Institute of Technology as stated in its Constitution is to promote the welfare of Khandoli Institute of Technology and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Khandoli Institute of Technology and its alumni. The Khandoli Institute of Technology Alumni Association helps alumni connect with the college and with fellow graduates through a wealth of Club activities, continuing education programs, online services, and alumni events. Your Alumni Association offers Alumni Career and Networking Services, Life-long Learning, Student-Alumni Contact, On-going Benefits and Events and Reunions.

As a dynamic organization, keen on the excellence of Khandoli Institute of Technology and its Alumni, the Alumni Association strives to nurture a lifelong intellectual and emotional relationship with the college and amongst Alumni; and to provide sustainable platform for effective networking, goodwill and support.
To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the present students of the Institute and between the Alumni themselves. To encourage, promote and facilitate education, research and other activities of the Institute.
Objectives to meet the mission and vision:
  • In the felicitation of Alumni Meet the degree and proposition of participation and involvement is highly fabulous in nature.
  • They provide the details of their position and service and the prevailing competition in the present scenario.
  • They involved in motivating and guiding the students by sharing their past and present experiences in their relevant field.
  • Career guidance Programs are conducted for higher studies and jobs by the high profiled alumni to the concerned department students in context to their institution and other institutions too.
  • Some of the alumni who have become entrepreneurs by running their own Workshops, Service Centers, Computer Centers, Internet Browsing Centers etc. have extended their co-operation for the students, By guiding the students during campus interviews for the current final year students.
  • To encourage the Alumni to take an active interest and participate in the work and progress of the Institute so as to contribute towards enhancement of the social utility of their Alma Mater.
  • To establish, maintain, control and manage Chapters of the Association in India and Abroad as a means to increase participation of Alumni.
  • To help the alumni with their technical problems through involvement of other alumni and faculty of the institute.
  • To recognize outstanding social and community service by the Alumni and the students.
  • To invest and deal with the funds and moneys of the Association.
  • To print, publish and circulate articles, news letters, journals, bulletins, pamphlets, posters, that the Association deems fit/desirable for promotion and furtherance of its objectives.

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