The institute Central Library is known as Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Library which serves as the perennial source of knowledge for the students as well as faculty members. Our Library is well equipped and well managed. Our library provides the reading materials in accordance with the curriculum of various disciplines to help students to grasp knowledge for examination purposes besides their general mental development. A very rich collection of books are maintained with a total collection of 2000 books .The collection is growing day by day on various current and emerging technologies related to various streams. Library is providing Book Loan, Reference service, Reprographic Service and Digital Library service to the Faculty members and students. Two books are issued to a student for 15 days. Five books can be issued by a Faculties. Our Library has a spacious reading room with all the necessary facilities along with a stand by generator. The Reference books and magazines are available in the Reading Room. The purpose of reference section is to provide reading materials which may be issued in circulation section.

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